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Greetings all of our fans and friends! 

We have clocked a ridiculous amount of laborious hours finishing up our POP gallery this season…IT’s ALL BEEN WORTH IT!

Our sweet and helpful landlord installed new insulated windows and re-pointed the bricks in our 1820’s era building off season, and that had much to do with the extreme “feng shui” needed to clean and prep the gallery for business this year.

That said, it LOOKS AWESOME. We have scoured shows, artists’ studios, submissions, and referral’s from all kinds of new designers etc. so expect to find a refreshing new look, and many of our favorite artist/designer’s are BACK with new collections! 

This weekend will kick off the 2012 season and an announcement will be forthcoming, but expect a party on Cinco De Mayo!

Come SEA!!!!! Peggy & Carmen 

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