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Farewell to a Phenomenal Second Season

Hi All of you in POP-world…

We just wanted to express our sincerest gratitude and let you know we have had such a rewarding time in Gloucester this year, that we have Re-signed for 2012 to repeat the fun starting May 2012!

We will all take a much needed “break” during the winter months to get back into our studios to “re-invent the wheels” as it were…by way of designing fresh new work in all mediums for a Re-opening in early Spring at 67 Main!

We also heard from and experienced so much enthusiasm from our ‘guy friends’ about our new line “CAMP” and other unique offerings for Men, that we will open with a broader collection of Men’s wear and gifts appropriate to our male gender counterparts…look for COOL stuff from our travels up and down the coast, across the US of A and beyond, we’ll source an ever unusual group of items designed from artisans and small locally grown entrepreneurs to be sure!

In the meantime many of us can be found on our personal websites and on our new Drupal Gardens website which will launch soon so you can contact any of the designers individually throughout the year to check in and see new work.

If anyone has to exchange or swap a size or style from this year’s Holiday gifting, then be sure and send an e-mail to us:


if you need to reach me, Peggy to chat or make an appointment. officially we close for the season Dec. 30th and we will close the door and hibernate until the snow melts…We might do a Saint Valentines’¬†week long sale before the next big sweetheart day? keep in touch!

Cheers and Heavenly New Years to ALL our POPtabulous Peoples!!! WE LOVE YOU

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