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Hey Fellas, it’s time to “get even”.  Gloucester’s celebrating AGAIN this Thursday night from ‘after work 5:ish till 10pm’ with another fun night of ‘shop till you POP’ action! All the Main Street and area galleries and shops will be offering deals, drinks, and nibbles to everyone (Guys and their gal pals) who comes in to check it out! Pop will be serving some ‘Larger than Lagers’ and selling some fun beer soaps for suds to GO! as well as Pink Bubbles and chocolates to all who stop by…

The night continues including discounts on dining at the neighboring DOG BAR and live music after our door closes…we have amazing Gifts for ALL genders, ages and sizes and tastes…if you’re trying to “get in the mood”, let us push you along with some sparkle and treats!


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