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Give Yourself a SPAliday!

This month, if you spend $75 at POP, you will receive a coupon for 10% off a 60, 75 or 90 minute massage at Saltwater Massage at 161 Main Street!

Likewise, if you purchase a 60,75 or 90 minute massage at Saltwater Massage, you will receive a coupon for 20% off at POP!

It’s a great deal that is not to be missed!


We all get stressed around the start of “holiday shopping season”. Why not kill two birds with one stone as they say? Shop POP’s extensive array of soothing soaps, lotions and aromatic candles! Then, unwind with a nice massage… all on the same street! Shop local, stress less.

Read up about both women-driven business by clicking the link below!



Our 4th Annual POPtoberfest!

Featuring a PINK PUMPKIN SALE on many items in store!

Warm up with some complimentary hot mulled cider, seasonal ales, and apples and snacks!

Extended hours on Saturday till 7 pm. October 19th!

Some of our FALL special sales include:

- Our ‘Glowing’ collection of candles to set the mood at home!

- Wooly handwoven scarves from SmartWorks, cashmere hand warmers from Elizabethan!

- Jewelry to accent your sweaters and leather jackets by Emily Rosenfeld, Betsy Frost, Joyce Roessler And SKLO

And a plethora of other treats to “Grab”on the way out!!!


Our latest style spread features some of our top picks for Fall! All brands/styles featured are available at Pop Gallery now! Click the picture below to see the spread!


Fall out for the last Block party of the Season on September 21st and “turn over a new leaf” with some new seasonal accents to your wardrobe!

It’s the first day of September! And you know what that means? Fall fashions! Check out these brand new arm warmers and fingerless gloves we just got in!! Glittery gloves in black, eggplant, asphalt and cherry. Knit gloves available in two tone colors! Come in and let us help you get outfitted for Autumn!


Check out our latest style book with all our hot picks for “BACK TO SCHOOL”! JUST CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW.



Design and Photography by: Vignette-Noelle Lammott

Models: Andromeda Lammott, Denham Lipetzky, Davis Lipetzky, Isaiah Lamont Hightower and Sophie “Sunrise” Kaufman-Mager

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